Scott Holmes


Camelback Smokers started when Scott Holmes with Little Miss BBQ needed to add a new 1000 gallon smoker to add the Central Texas style barbecue restaurant. John Rippel worked across the street working on car restoration and various custom metal fabrication projects. The two quickly became friends and the vision for the smoker took shape with Scott’s eleven years experience cooking barbecue as a hobby, on the competition circuit and as a high production restaurant and John’s attention to welding, design and prior experiences. The company started when both of them realized that there are very few smoker makers that focus on high quality offsets in large sizes.

Our focus today is to build the best smokers that we possibly can. In each smoker the question is always how do we make this more useful, versatile and better than the last one. We use brushed aluminum for our exhaust, handles, pan rails and door stops. The grates are made to eliminate any spots that will reduce the heat and smoke to the meat as well as making them easy to remove and clean. The insulated firebox is made larger than needed which helps retain heat while making it easier to manage your fire. We have even analyzed on making a smoker more versatile by being able to control how much heat is above and below the grate for cooking additional meats. We realize some of these things aren’t needed but at the end of the day we just want to produce the absolute best smoker that we know how with as many features as we can to save you time, hassle and to make your smoking time as good as it can be.



John Rippel